OptAir SR22-G3 and later

OptAir manages a Turbo/Perspective G3 series SR22 in the Detroit area (based at Willow Run)

  • Garmin G1000 Perspective System
  • Turbo Alley TN turbo-normalized – service ceiling 25,000
  • Cruise speeds from 160 knots at 3000 MSL to around 200 knots in the flight levels at 75% power LOP (no more than 15.5 gph)
  • 92 gal usable, 60 gal tabs
  • Built-in O2 system, equipped with cannula and 2-masks with microphones
  • Air conditioning
  • Checkout in this aircraft qualifies owner/pilots to fly AirShares Elite aircraft which may be equipped with turbo-normalized engines and/or Garmin Perspective avionics.

Other Aircraft…

OptAir is keeping an eye on the development of better single-engine turboprops and jets, and working with owners on future needs.  We hope to have a 2nd tier, larger aircraft in the mix as soon as one makes sense for our owners.