Learning WordPress and X Theme

Well, we’ve finally jumped in the deep end and ditched the all html site that said we were looking forward to 2009.  Finally!  Matt Holdampf and I have been learning the ways of WordPress and X Theme as quickly as we can – which is probably painfully slow to anyone skilled in the art (at least for me – Matt knows this stuff better).  But there’s quite a bit of satisfaction watching things start to work after a day or two of messing around with linking up databases, choosing a look and getting things to start looking like we meant what we were doing.

We have a Customer Area coming – a log-in location on this site for our owners that will be a repository for training materials and such, something we’ve been wanting for quite a while. We’ll also include some information on the stuff that some of the staff and owners do in aviation other than fly high-performance singles – we’ve got jet jocks, retired ATC controllers, aerobatic pilots, soaring pilots, floatplane pilots…lots of interesting stuff.  We just like aviation around here, and this site will eventually reflect that.

While building in some page info, suffice to say now that OptAir is doing well with 6 aircraft in SE Mi and 2 at RDU.  We welcome inquires and have room for a few more new folks flying the aircraft.  And if you aren’t careful you’ll get sucked into a tailwheel transition, glider flight and some aerobatics just because you are hanging around the right place.

I really had to leave the example imbedded video post below provided with the X Theme.  It’s fun.

We’ll see how we look here after another week or so.  Happy landings.

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